Friday, January 8, 2010

Pencil Drawing of Dingo (Dog)

Well - here's the question - how to draw a dog? At a today's lesson interesting employment is necessary to us: we will draw animals! Today lesson - pencil  drawing of a dog - dingo!

Before to start to draw a dog of a dingo, give something about it we learn. This animal with the large head developed by a thorax, a long hanging tail and powerful paws:

We draw to a dog of a dingo a muzzle and ears. There is enough large ears, by the way. We start to work with a tail and paws: we do them more strongly and more thickly:

We connect a contour of a part of drawing, we wipe additional lines and we start to work with details. We draw to a dog of an eye, a nose, fingers on paws:

We add a wool and organs of smell (also moustaches):

We black out drawing edges that the drawn dog of a dingo seemed volume. Both live. And present. It seems, it has turned out:


The dogs and cats always have the most curious expressions, especially when we are looking at them. Look at the face of a cat when she is sitting on your compound wall or on a garden chair made of stone. Here the subject matter provides us with a chance to exploit the beauty of pencil drawing. This is the scene where the sunlight is prone to generate extreme contrasts between the body of the pet, a dog or a cat. We can use this light factor as a good guide for our pencil drawing, too.

 Video - drawing a simple dogs from cartoon

Near - the video: Simple Drawing of a Dog - how to draw a dog. From this video you learn how to draw a cartoon dog using simple shapes in this step by step video guide. It seems to be funny and easy.

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